Local cuisine of Skyros

The cuisine of Skyros is traditional Greek but like every island it has its own recipes and specialties. Many residents are engaged in stock-breeding and for this reason local ingredients like meat and dairy products are widely used in the tavernas. Popular dishes of Skyros include pasta with lobster, ladopita (a version of Greek oil pie) and fava dip.

Katsikaki lemonato

Oven baked goat with lemon

Katsiki lemonato is prepared with goat meat, cooked with lemon juice in the oven. The lemon juice makes this dish fresh and juicy, and the meat is very tender.

Skyros ladopita

Local pizza

Ladopita translates as oil pie and it is large piece of fluffy fried dough. On Skyros this pie is served garnished with local xynotiri, a type of soft grained cheese which tastes a bit sour. You can also find it under the name "Skyros pizza".

Fried cheese

Grilled local hard cheese

One of the cheese types produced on Skyros is graviera, made from goat`s or sheep milk. It is hard and suitable for grilling but most tavernas offer it as "saganaki", which means fried.

Fava dip

Fava dip

Skyros is known for the fava cultivated on the island. Fava is yellow split peas and in tavernas it is offered as a dip but you can also buy it from the shops for local products, they will gladly explain how to cook it when you are back home.

Traditional sweets

Greek spoon sweets

Local sweets can be found in the few bakeries on the island, as well as in the shops for local products - cookies, loukoumi, soutzouki, pasteli, and other treats. There is also a great variety of home-made jam, known as "gliko koutali", which has solid pieces of fruit inside. And as for the ice cream, try Faltainas pastry shop in the center of Skyros Chora, they have interesting combinations and the ice cream is made with real whole milk.

Cheese pies at a local bakery
Tiropita (cheese pie) at one of the bakeries in Skyros Chora