Skyros Chora


Skyros Chora

Skyros Chora is the main and largest settlement of Skyros island, and locals call it just Chora which means "village". It is also a sight and a must-visit during your holiday on the island. Built on the slopes of a high hill above the sea, it looks imposing at first sight - dotted with small white buildings reaching down to the sea and ruins of a castle atop. The village is located on the northeast coast of the island, above the long beach strip of Molos and Magazia.

The central and most touristic area of Skyros Chora is around the castle and the section between the main square and Brooke square (named after the poet Rupert Brooke). The main street is called Agora and nearly all public facilities of the village are located there - two bakeries, two sweet shops, small cozy tavernas, cafeterias with tiny round tables, pharmacies, souvenir and ceramic shops. A few large parking spaces are provided at the feet of the castle because the village is car-free and you can wander in its narrow alleys for hours. Another way to reach Chora (without a car) is to follow the path of steps which starts near Magazia and ends at Brooke square - after that it takes less than 10 minutes to reach the main commercial street but only provided you don`t turn into the picturesque side alleys for photos.

On the way up to the castle the alleys get even narrower and steeper, winding between private houses and small white churches. The castle (Kastro) is one of the places you should not miss on Skyros. There is no entrance fee but in order to reach it, you must pass through the yard of the monastery of Agios Georgios and the monastery closes its door at 7:30 pm. But even if you miss the work hours, you will still be rewarded by the view from the top of the hill toward Magazia and Molos.
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