Agalipa is considered by many the most beautiful beach of Skyros island. Its charm is attributed to the transparent blue water, the fine sand and the colorful rocks which surround it. This beach, however, can be accessed only on foot or by boat.

Agalipa lies on the northwest coast of Skyros, close to the beach of Agios Petros. If you decide to visit it on foot, first you need to follow the signs for Agios Petros and right before you reach it, you will see a deviation with wide path on your left - this is where the hiking trail for Agalipa begins. The hike takes approximately 30 minutes and most of it is pleasant as there are many pine trees and greenery to protect you from the sun, but the last section of the route is very steep and even auxiliary ropes are provided for easier descend.

The rocks at the beach contrast to the blue water and shine in red, violet and yellow colors, due to the various minerals in their composition. The water is shallow around the shore and until noon the rocks cast some shade but there are no facilities and you need to bring your own sun protection, food and drink.

South of Agalipa there is one more remote beach which is called Agalipa Shipwreck and it is also accessible on foot. It is smaller and narrower, covered with pebbles, and its name comes from the remnants of a boat which crashed on the shore and still lies there. When you approach Agalipa, you will see a wider space with signboards and directions to both beaches.
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    Shallow, Secluded, Remote, Scenic, Sandy
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