The most adventurous Greek islands to stay on

Are you adventurous enough? Are you ready to sleep on an island where ferries do not go? Or where your boat is the only way to get back to mainland?

Shipwreck near Peristera islet

Some Greek islands do offer such experience - they are not just small, some of them are not inhabited at all but yet they offer limited choice of villas or guest houses to stay. And in low season you will hardly meet any other people during your holiday. Here they are, waiting for the bravest souls!

1. Marathos, Dodecanese islands

Probably you have never heard of such a Greek island. It lies just opposite Arki (another unpopular destination) and belongs to an archipelago of small uninhabited islets. Marathos is relatively flat and less than 2 km long from the northernmost to the southernmost part, so you can easily explore it.

The only way to get there is by boat from the harbor of Arki or by your own boat. Surprisingly, there is a guest house and a separate villa available to rent during the summer, as well as two traditional tavernas.

2. Antipaxos, Ionian islands

Antipaxos is a small island which can be visited by passenger boats from Corfu and water taxis from Paxos. Although there are unpaved roads all over the island, you cannot take a car with you and the only way to move around is on foot.

Antipaxos is not inhabited but there are a few privates villas to rent, and two of the beaches have beach tavernas operating the summer. Depending on the location of your villas, the taverns can be quite remote!

3. Palaio Trikeri, Pelion

View from the road

Palaio Trikeri is a small island close to the south shore of the Pelion peninsula, with a permanent population of 15 residents. No ferries come to Palaio Trikeri - boat taxis depart from the harbor of Alogoporos and reach the small port of the island where you will be welcomed by the tables of two tavernas.

The island offers a few sandy beaches and small pebbly coves you can visit on foot. Accommodation options are limited but yet available, in budget studios and villas.

4. Silver island, near Evia

Silver Island (also Argironisi in Greek) is privately owned and functions as yoga retreat center since 2013. Guests are accepted only upon preliminary reservation and transported to the island by the water boat taxi of the center.

The yoga retreat center provides accommodation in 6 rooms and includes daily yoga sessions, organic homemade food and plenty of time to relax, swim and recharge your batteries.

5. Diaporos, Halkidiki

A few decades ago this islet had no buildings at all but today there are some private houses and luxury villas to rent. Diaporos is very close to Vourvourou, Sithonia, but yet you need a boat to reach it and get back to mainland.

The island is known for its transparent blue water, and tourists from the nearby resorts come for a swim every day in the summer. On Diaporos there are no restaurants or shops on so far.

6. Telendos, Dodecanese islands

Telendos belongs to the island of Kalymnos because both are very close. The two islands are connected via boats from the harbor of Mirties and both are known for their climbing spots.

Telendos has a line of seafront cafes and tavernas ready to welcome the daily visitors from Kalymnos but in the evening they are all gone and you can enjoy the silence of the island in one of the few small hotels.

7. Thymena, North Aegean Islands

Thymena seen from Fourni
by Waldviertler / CC BY-SA 3.0

In order to reach Thymena, first you must go to Fourni - a small island with very indented shore between Ikaria and Samos. Then you can get from Fourni to Thymena via boat ride.

The island has one settlement with a few rooms to rent, one mini market and a cafe-taverna. There is also a seasonal taverna at one of the beaches.

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