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Skyros is the largest island of the Sporades group although administratively it belongs to the island of Euboea (Evia). In fact, its architecture and landscape resemble more a Cyclades island. Do not confuse with Syros which is part of the Cyclades islands. Skyros is not so visited and suitable for relaxing holidays in a special atmosphere.

In Greek mythology Skyros is known as the island of king Lycomedes and the place where Achilles was sent to live when he was young, disguised as a girl for his safety. In the capital of Skyros there is a Venetian castle which is believed to be built over the former place of the castle of Lycomedes. According to the legend Lycomedes killed the hero Theseus on Skyros by throwing him from a rock above the sea.

The only direct ferry to Skyros departs from Kymi Town on the island of Evia and arrives on Linaria Port on the western coast of Skyros. There is also a small airport - the Skyros Island National Airport. The population of the island is less than 3 000 inhabitants because its southern half is barren and not inhabited at all. The northern half has greenery and the few settlement are located there.

The capital of Skyros is called Skyros Town (or Chora). It is built on the slopes of a hill overlooking the sea and its white flat-roof houses resemble the Cyclades. On its top you can see the ancient Venetian (or Byzantine) castle. Another bigger settlement is Molos, very close to the capital, but the other places are too small to be called villages. There are more than 10 beaches on the island, most of them isolated but accessible by car.

On Skyros there is a special breed of ponies which are less than one meter high.

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