Best beaches in Skyros

Skyros is not the type of island to leave you speechless with its fine golden sand beaches and shallow water. Of course, it has large sandy beaches like Molos, Magazia and Gyrismata, but they are covered with coarse sand mixed with pebbles around the shore and on the sea bottom. Others like Kalogria and Agalipa have softer sand and shallow water but pebbles are something you will see almost everywhere.

Quick guide to the best beaches in Skyros

The charm of Skyros beaches is in the tranquility and privacy you will find even at organized beaches with sunbeds and parasols, in the blue-green hues of the transparent sea and the relaxed atmosphere. Take a look at the most beautiful and visited of them.


This long and wide beach with dramatic view of Skyros Chora is the natural continuation of Magazia. Molos is entirely sandy and partially organized with beach facilities, and behind the beach there is a choice of hotels.


With its sandy shore and very shallow seabed, Kalogria is the best beach for small kids on Skyros. The seasonal taverna offers sunbeds, parasols and a decent choice of meals and drinks.


Agalipa is a scenic beach with transparent blue water, fine sand and colorful rocks. It can be reached via boat or via 30-minute walk through a pine forest.


Magazia is the south part of the long sandy beach which stretches below Skyros Chora. It has tavernas a and beach bar which provide sunbeds and parasols. To the north Magazia merges with the beach of Molos.

Agios Fokas

A beautiful beach with transparent water, sand and colorful pebbles. Agios Fokas is very suitable for kids because it is wind-sheltered and shallow around the shore. It also has a seasonal beach taverna.

View from the east coast road


Pefkos is a large beach with transparent blue-green water, surrounded by many pine trees which freshen the air. Some parts of the beach are sandy, others have pebbles. A great view to Pefkos is revealed from the road which goes to Agios Fokas.


This is one of the most wind-sheltered beaches of Skyros, covered with a mixture of pebbles and coarse sand. Sunbeds and parasols to rent are offered by the on-site beach taverna.

At sunset


Pouria is one of the most recognizable places of Skyros, with the church of Agios Nikolaos and the weird rock shapes which are actually remnants of ancient quarries. But the beach is not very popular for swimming due to the rocky sea bottom and it is a great place to find isolation so close to the popular resorts of Molos and Magazia.