Kavala Region

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Kavala Region

Kavala Region

The regional unit of Kavala belongs to the administrative region of East Macedonia and Thrace. It includes towns and villages located mainly by the sea, and its capital is the city of Kavala. The region has one international airport, called Megas Alexandros.

Hotels in Kavala Region

Where to stay in Kavala Region

Coco beach bar in Keramoti

The region of Kavala is known for its beaches, and its seaside villages are popular summer resorts. The largest of them are Nea Peramos, Nea Iraklitsa, Keramoti and Paralia Ofriniou, visited mainly by tourists from the Balkan countries. The resorts provide all the necessary facilities and services for a holiday - plenty of hotels and villas, tavernas, cafes, bakeries and shops.

The city of Kavala is also a good place for accommodation, provided you want to explore as many as possible beaches in the region. It has a nice promenade, an old neighborhood with castle, many places to eat and three city beaches (though they are not the best you can find around). Kavala is also one of the main ports of Greece which serves ferry connections to the islands of Thassos, Limnos, Lesbos and other North Aegean islands.

Here are two suggestions on how you can choose the place for your holiday in Kavala Region:
1) If you prefer to spend your days at the nearest beach, choose a hotel at any of the resort and eventually visit Kavala some evening or day
2) If you prefer to visit different beaches every day, stay in Kavala or Palio - most of the beaches in the area would be no more than 20 kilometers away, and you can spend the nights in the lively town.

Beaches of Kavala Region

The coastline of the region is very rich in beaches, predominantly sandy, and many of them spread over kilometers. The largest and most popular beaches are Ammolofi with its sandy dunes and Keramoti which occupies a whole peninsula. There are also numerous small coves with transparent water, some maintained by beach bars, others wild and almost empty. For example, the area between Paralia Ofriniou and Nea Peramos is scarcely populated and one can always find a spot by the sea with no other people around.

What to see in Kavala Region


This region is visited mainly for relaxing beach holidays and preferred by families with kids. The main sights you can explore are located in the city of Kavala - its old neighborhood with preserved architecture, the Imaret, the ancient castle and the Roman aqueduct. Another place of great historical importance is the Archeological Site of Philippi which dates back to 356 BC.

Thassos island is easily accessible via ferry from Keramoti or Kavala and you can visit it even for a day trip.

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