the island of Sappho and the ouzo



Lesbos (Lesvos in Greek) is the third largest island of Greece, sometimes referred to as Mytilini - the name of its capital city. The island is most known as the home place of the ancient poet Sappho. It can be reached both by plane and ferryboat. There are regular ferry services connecting Lesbos with Piraeus, the islands of Limnos and Chios, and with Ayvalik (Turkey) as the island is closer to Turkey. There is a also a ferry from/to Thessaloniki but it travels rarely.

Lesbos is not invaded by mass tourism and thus it has preserved its traditional and calm atmosphere. It has has everything - diverse beaches (sandy, pebbly and rocky), archeological and historical monuments, museums, various hotels and restaurants and many thermal springs. Some of the springs are available in public baths, others pour out directly into the sea. Except for the capital Mytilini, other major villages are Mithymna, Eresos (Sappho`s birthplace), Petra, Sigri and Plomari (famous as the Greek ouzo capital).

Interesting places to visit on Lesbos:
- The petrified forest
- The castle of Molyvos at Mithymna
- The healing thermal springs of Eftalou
- The castle of Mytilini
- The archeological site of Thermi
- The industrial olive oil museum in Agia Paraskevi
- The Barbayannis Ouzo Museum in Plomari

Hotels in Lesbos

highlights: the island of Sappho and the ouzo, island in North Aegean Islands, Greece

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