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Limnos (also Lemnos) is a big island in the shape of a fish, located in the middle of North Aegean sea. Its remoteness from Athens and the other islands does not predispose tourists to come, so for this reason Limnos is a serene place with rural landscapes, vast and empty sandy beaches and unspoiled Greek cuisine. Many people say that being on Limnos is like going back in time but in the last few years it has become popular as a windsurf and kitesurf destination.

The shortest way to reach Limnos by ferry is from the town of Kavala, the journey lasts approximately 4 hours. Connections are available also with the ports of Lavrio and Piraues, as well as with the other islands of the group (Lesbos, Chios, Samos, Ikaria and the unknown Agios Efstratios). The airport of Limnos is for domestic and charter flights.

The east part of the island is flat but less populated, while the west part is more rocky and hilly. The capital Myrina is on the west coast and all kinds of shops and public services can be found there. It is a beautiful settlement dominated by a Venetian castle above the port, nicely illuminated at night. Around Myrina there are many large beaches with shallow water, some of them have developed as small resorts like Paralia Plateos and Thanos. The second largest village is Moudros, a small port in the southeast. Moudros has no beaches but the organized Havouli and Fanaraki are just a few kilometers from it and offer pleasant beach bars. Almost all beaches on Limnos are sandy and shallow, suitable for kids, except for the northeast beaches which are surfing spots. In the northwest part the beaches are mainly wild and not organized, the protected sand dunes are also in that area.

Sights and interesting places to visit on Limnos:
- Myrina and its castle
- Ammothines (Sand Dunes) - the desert of Limnos which is also one of the few deserts in Europe
- The ancient city of Hephaestia. Limnos is known from mythology as the island where Hephestus forge was located and this city was devoted to him
- The ruins of Poliochni, the oldest neolithic settlement in Europe
- The old church of Panagia Kakaviotissa, a unique roofless church set in a cave on the top of the mountain (5 km away from Myrina)
- The Kavirio Temple in the northeast part
- The sea cave of Philoctetes under the Temple of Kavirio. The inner part of the cave is accessible by boat
- Cape Faraklo, with peculiar limestone shapes

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highlights: vast sandy beaches and kitesurf destination, island in North Aegean Islands, Greece

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