Top 10 beaches in Milos island

In many rankings about top Greek beaches you will notice that the beach of Sarakiniko, Milos, is almost always present. If you go to Milos, you will be told that this is the must-to-see destination and the best beach of the island - all this confirmed by advertising materials and brochures about the island. But having seen all the beaches of the colorful Milos and finding it hard to tell which one is the best, we decided to make our personal ranking. See our Top 10 below.

10. Paliorema

The beach seen from the loading pier

One of the most strangest places we`ve ever been to. The beach is special because of its location, and namely just in front of the abandoned sulfur mine Thiorihio. Nowhere else you will be surrounded by mining tools and wagons instead of beach facilities.

9. Mytakas

Small, blue and picturesque. On Mytakas you can see one of the so called syrmata - boat garages on the ground floor of fishermen houses carved in rocks. Milos abounds in syrmata, especially in the villages of Klima and Mandrakia.

8. Sykia Cave

The name is not a mistake - it is a beach inside of a sea cave the roof of which has collapsed. There is a miniature strip of pebbles and stones, and the sun penetrates through the round hole of the roof. Sykia Cave can be accessed only by sea and by a small boat as its entrance is tiny.

7. Paleochori

Paleochori reminds of the volcanic origin of Milos by the warm underwater springs which can be felt on some places around the shore. It is the most organized beach of the island with many beach bars and tavernas and thus it gets crowded in high season but this is the only place where you can taste volcanic food. A big stone on the beach hides really hot sands beneath and one of the beach tavernas uses it as a furnace to bake a couple of dishes there.

6. Triades

Gravity sculpture with colorful stones

Triades means "trinity" because it consists of a series of three sandy and almost desert beaches. They can be reached by boat or by car but the road is not paved and it takes long time to drive. The beaches lie in the barren west area of Milos (which is part of Natura 2000) so there are no shops, cafes or residences nearby. But you can happen to be the only person on one of the Tridades, if not on all three of them.

5. Agia Kyriaki

What makes this beach special is the white strip of pebbles around the shore which creates a sparkling effect, especially in cloudy weather. The sea looks like shining from below.

4. Kastanas

Orange red rocks

It is so colorful that it looks almost unreal. Red, orange, violet, yellow are just some of the hues you see all around. The beach is covered by colored pebbles instead of sand and the sea is deep around the shore but the place is worth to visit.

3. Sarakiniko

Obviously Sarakiniko is not No 1 in our ranking and this is not because it isnt beautiful. You must see it. Its sparkling white rocks remind of a moon landscape and make it peculiar and unique. The bad thing is that you should go out of season or early in the morning to see it as shown on the photos. Otherwise you risk to get pushed and hit by the many people and cameras which come here daily.

2. Firiplaka

Milky blue water, colorful cliffs and a huge rock piece in the sea. Firiplaka is one of the longest and most visited beaches of Milos. The neighbor beach of Tsigrado is even more impressive but it is now accessible only by sea, as the ladder on which you can go down to it broke.

1. Firopotamos

The whole bay seen from the nearby hills

So, here is our No 1. Firopotamos is the beach of a village with the same name. The view from above is stunning and sea resembles a mirror. The beach is rather pebbly around the shore but this only contributes to the incredible vivid blue color.

Why is Kleftiko not here?

And if you wonder why the symbol of Milos, Kleftiko, is not in this is because we consider it rather a sightseeing. It is really fantastic to swim in the transparent water around the cliff but the feeling is not like on a beach.

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