If you search for photos from Milos, you will definitely see photos with a row of seafront houses painted in various bright colors. This is Klima, a fishing village with houses and "syrmata" - boat garages on the ground floor of the houses where the waves break. The people of Klima have painted their syrmata in blue, red, yellow and green to make them more attractive.

The village of Klima is accessible via a road from Tripiti village. There is no beach, the nearest cafes and taverns are in Tripiti and Plaka.

highlights: houses with syrmata painted in various colors, village in Milos, Cyclades Islands, Greece

Photos from Klima
KlimaDistant view from the seaThe village church and the road to the harbor pierDucks warming at the sun after sea swimKlimaKlimaKlimaColorful garage for boatSmall pierRubber waders drying in the sunThe colors of KlimaKlimaKlimaKlimaBlue doorKlimaThe yellow souvenir shopDucks swimming in the seaDuck - swimming in the village harborSmall blue boatSmall blue boatAll buildings are painted in different colorsSyrma - traditional name for boat garageThe village of the colorsFishing boat in the seaBoats anchored in the seaYacht passing by the villageThe colors of KlimaKlimaKlimaKlimaKlimaKlimaKlimaKlimaKlimaKlimaKlimaKlimaKlimaKlimaKlimaKlimaKlimaKlimaKlimaView of Klima and Trypiti from the sea
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