Paleochori beach is on the south coast of Milos, well protected from the north wind which often blows over the Cyclades islands. The sand is coarse and mixed with small colorful pebbles which give the beach and the water a different outlook. The rocks just behind the beach are also colored in vivid red, due to their volcanic origin. The volcanic activity is expressed also in the warm underwater springs which can be felt on some places around the shore.

In the summer Paleochori is the most organized beach of Milos, with beach taverns and bars, sunbeds, parasols and some water sports.

And in order to complete the volcanic experience, at Paleochori you can taste volcanic food - a big stone on the beach hides really hot sands beneath and one of the beach taverns uses it as a furnace to bake a couple of dishes there.

highlights: volcanic beach with colorful pebbles, beach in Milos, Cyclades Islands, Greece

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PaleochoriThe parkingThe volcanic oven rocksPaleochoriPaleochoriPaleochoriPaleochoriThe volcanic oven rocksPaleochoriPaleochoriPaleochoriPaleochoriPaleochoriPaleochoriPaleochoriPaleochoriPaleochori
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