Sykia Cave

Sykia Cave

Sykia is not quite a beach - it is a sea cave the roof of which has collapsed. As a result, a cave with an almost round shape has formed, and a "hole" in the roof from which the sky is seen. Inside there is a small corner of pebbles and stones resembling a miniature beach strip. The cave is accessible only by boat and is usually part of the excursions to Kleftiko as both are very close.

The big excursion boats and yacht cannot pass through the cave opening, so they bring smaller inflatable boats to transfer tourists inside. The water within the cave has a transparent green-blue color but it is deep and cold.

highlights: a sea cave with collapsed roof, nature in Milos, Cyclades Islands, Greece

Photos from Sykia Cave
Sykia CaveSykia CaveThe wall with the face r at least the noseSykia CaveSykia CaveHeading to the cave entranceThe whole - collapsed floor of Sykia caveSykia cave and rough seaThe rocky seashore outside with black being magma from Santorini`s eruptionthe entrance of the caas seen from the seaThe entrance (or exit) of the cave as seen from insideThe part where collapsed part is visibleThe exit from the cave beachThe beach part of the cavePeople looking at the high wallsThe beach part of the caveSykia CaveThe sand is coarse and mixed with gravelOne more ship sends a boat with touristsThe shady beach where boats landThe beach is protected from all sides and a tree grows from the landslide partSykia CaveSunbathing, exploring and swimming are some of the things that can be done
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Address: Milos, Cyclades Islands, Greece
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