Sarakiniko is the most famous beach of Milos, advertised on all tourist leaflets and prospects for the island. It is also known as the moon beach because its landscape resembles a scene from an extraterrestrial place - the sand is replaced by peculiar soft rock formations with sparkling white color. The "beach" itself is a narrow canal cut into the rocks. The small spot of sand just in front of the canal is not enough for the visitors, so many of them place their beach towels directly on the rocks. The rocks are surprisingly easy to walk on, although they seem smooth and slippery.

Sarakiniko is on the north shore of Milos, closer to Adamas, and you can easily reach it by car. Following the signs, you will reach a large parking lot from which the pedestrian part begins on a white path - about 200 meters. The white rocks and the canal area clearly seen from the parking. According to a local legend, the Saracen pirates used the place for hiding their plunder and dug tunnels in the nearby rocks, as the rock material is very plastic and allows processing. Today you can really see tunnels dung in the big rock on the beach (which, however, seem quite big in size to be dug by the pirates).

Another tourist attraction close to Sarakiniko is the wrecked ship near the shore, its two parts sticking out of the sea. It is accessible by foot and you won`t see any signs leading to it but it is not hard to find. You just have to follow the white rocks east of Sarakiniko, walking close to the sea. You will see the ship in less than 100 meters.

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SarakinikoDiscussing the beach opportunities?People enjoying the sun and the beach watersSign advising that jumping from the rocks into the sea is dangerousThe path to the beachOverall view from the higher ground close to the parking lotBasin formed in the rocks and filed with white sandSarakinikoThe full length of beach - from the sand to the seaWhite rock dunes and sea caves next to the beachThe rocky bridge and the holeThe rock bridge and tourists heading to the beachFather with stroller tours the rocks to entertain the kidFather, kid and stroller touring the rocky slopesTunnel entranceSarakinikoThe wider part of the channel where it goes into the seaThe inner and shallow part of the beachBrave dad with a stroller follows one of the many pathwaysSurrounding area is surreal and many visitors explore itView of the coast in the direction of the shipwreckThe slopes around the beach are extensively used for sunbathingSome do trekking and explore the barren area along the seaPlenty of flat space to relax along the beachThe inner part of the channel is shallowThe sand is wet and the people prefer to stay on the flat rocksThe beach beach is small and will be crowded during the seasonThe area around the beach is like from different planetFossils can be seen all over the place
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