Triades is actually three beaches (Triades meaning "trinity" in Greek) - three neighbor sandy coves separated by cliffs. They are located in the northwest part of Milos and are one of the most secluded beaches of the island. The reason is the difficult access with car and the fact that the area is part of the Milos reserve for vipers (we could not meet any of them although we were in the area a couple of times).

In order to reach the Triades, you have to follow the road which passes by Achivadolimni and goes to Empourios. There are signs which will lead you but the road is dirt, covered with gravel and not very good on some places. You can go also with an ordinary car but 4x4 is recommended. The last section of the road ends just above the first beach of the Triades - for the rest two you have to go on foot. Usually there are not many people and even if there are, they are on the first beach. The sand is fine and soft but the sea gets deep quickly around the shore. There are no cafes or shops around so you should bring yourself water and food even if you do not plan to stay all day long - the distance is not long but it takes much time.


highlights: three remote secluded sandy coves, beach in Milos, Cyclades Islands, Greece

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