Metallia is a beach 1 km away from Limenaria, just below the abandoned mining factory. It is a bay between two high cliffs and you can reach it by car or on foot.

After you exit Limenaria on your way to Potos, you will see a blue signboard on your right saying "Metalleia". If coming from Potos, you wont see the signboard but you will see the deviation on your left. The road is in a good condition although not paved. There is space for vehicles under the shade of trees.

The beach is large and sandy, with some pebbles around the shore. During the summer Cafe Metalia works and offers sunbeds and umbrellas, cold drinks and coffee. Here you can have a walk through the abandoned factory and see some works of art - a group of 12 stone sculptures, representing the twelve months and the twelve signs of zodiac, and also some other pieces made of stone.

highlights: sandy bay between high cliffs, beach in Thassos, North Aegean Islands, Greece

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