Limenaria is the second largest town of Thassos. Many people confuse its name with Limenas - the capital because they sound alike, but Limenaria is on the southwest coast and Limenas - exactly in the opposite direction, on the north.

The town became famous in the late 19 century when the German company Speidel started excavations in the mine for ore deposits. The workers who inhabited the old mountain village of Kastro left the village because of their work in the mine and settled in Limenaria, increasing the small population. In 1925 refugees from Asia Minor arrived and the permanent inhabitants of the town increased to 2000. Today, tourists can enter the abandoned mine for years and the office of Speidel still rises on the top of a hill in the eastern part of town.

The hotels are small and family run, restaurants and shops are concentrated around the promenade. There are two banks, several large supermarkets, cars and bikes to rent.

The central beach of Limenaria is a 2km long strip of sand mixed with gravel and small stones. The region, however, has several beautiful beaches. One of them - Tripiti - is located just after the central beach, with fine sand. Another famous beach is Metalia, east of Limenaria, with fine sand and large flat stones. The water there is shallow and very suitable for children.

highlights: family run hotels and sandy beaches, Tripiti and Metalia, village in Thassos, North Aegean Islands, Greece
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