Top 10 Beaches on Thassos Island

If you wonder which beaches to visit on Thassos island during your holiday, here is a selection of large sandy beaches and small isolated coves to suit different tastes.

Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach is a beach on the eastern coast of Thassos, 26 km from the capital Limenas. It overlooks the uninhabited islet of Kinira. The place is situated in a secluded bay and surrounded by greenery. To reach it from the main road, you should look for the sign of Paradise Bar. The road leading to the beach is not paved but it is in a good condition. Paradise beach is wide, with fine white sand and the water is very shallow. The area offers a limited number of rooms to rent. There is only one restaurant on the beach, open in the summer season when more visitors come. In the past Paradise Beach was the official nude beach of Thassos but in the last few years naturists occupy only part of it ... read more


Indescribable thing made of wood

Saliara is a beach on the east coast of Thassos, about 5 km south of Makryammos. It is called the Marble Beach and this name has not come by accident - because of the white sand and white marble pebbles on the sea floor, the water has a unique white-blue color and reminds of the water on the shore of a tropical island. Even in the hottest days the sand is cool because of the small marble pieces in it. These marble pieces came from the quarries above the beach. Saliara used to be a hidden beach known to few people but it is not a secret anymore, although still accessible via dirt road. In order to get there, you must first find the entrance to Makryammos Hotel and Bungalows, located on the beach of Makryammos ... read more

Golden Beach

Golden Beach is a wide beach of several kilometers length, located on the eastern coast of Thassos. It is managed by the villages Potamia and Panagia, as in the east part is the resort of Skala Potamia and in the western part - the relatively new resort of Skala Panagia. The rest of the beach is a free zone with scattered beach restaurants with sunbeds. In Skala Potamia locals call the beach Chrissi Akti (meaning Gold Coast) and in Skala Panagia it is know as Chrissi Ammoudia (Golden Beach). The beach is predominantly sandy and relatively shallow. Some water sports and volleyball nets are available ... read more


Notos is a small beach located between Potos and Psili Ammos. When traveling from Potos to Astris, you will find it just after Potos, next to Royal Paradise beach resort. The beach is sandy, with shallow blue water. In the summer season there are sunbeds and umbrellas which can be used for a small charge.


The rock pool from the air

Giola is not exactly a beach but a natural sea lagoon carved in the rocks. It looks like a swimming pool with sizes 2Ox15 meters. The rocks are terraced-like so it is easy to walk on them. If you decide to visit Giola for a swim, please note that you will have to rest your beach towels right on the rocks and there is no sand, neither shades. This natural phenomenon is located near Astris. In order to reach it, you should drive via dirt road for 3-4 km and then to have a short walk. Below we have tried to describe how to get there. When driving from Limenaria to Astris, follow the road until you reach Aeria Hotel in Astris ... read more


You will find Pachis beach about 8 km away from the capital Limenas, next to Skala Rachoni. In the area there are some hotels, a few taverns and lots of olive trees. Sunbeds and parasols are provided by beach cafes and clients can use them free of charge if they order drinks. Pedalos with small slides are available to rent. The beach has pine trees for natural shade and the sea is usually calm, without waves. The water is clean and shallow, and the sand is mixed with pebbles, especially around the shore and in the water.

Psili Ammos

Psili Ammos is a beach in the southern part island of Thassos, near Potos. Its name means fine sand. The beach is 250 meters long with very fine sand. There are no rocks around the shore so you can walk safely without aqua shoes but sometimes there are strong waves. In some places the sea floor goes deep suddenly, so be careful in the water, especially with children. There is a beach bar with restaurant and sunbeds. Some water sports are available. There is one volleyball court and a mini market. In July and August it gets crowded since it is very close to Potos and is known as one of the most beautiful beaches on Thassos.

San Antonio

The beach of San Antonio (Agios Antonis) is located next to Potos. Actually, this is the extension of Potos beach but it is larger and has more space. It is sandy, with a couple of beach bars providing sunbeds and umbrellas. Behind the beach there are some hotels. You can walk to Potos on the beach and its center is approximately 500-600 meters away, suitable for evening walks and dining.


Metallia is a beach 1 km away from Limenaria, just below the abandoned mining factory. It is a bay between two high cliffs and you can reach it by car or on foot. After you exit Limenaria on your way to Potos, you will see a blue signboard on your right saying "Metalleia". If coming from Potos, you wont see the signboard but you will see the deviation on your left. The road is in a good condition although not paved. There is space for vehicles under the shade of trees. The beach is large and sandy, with some pebbles around the shore. During the summer Cafe Metalia works and offers sunbeds and umbrellas, cold drinks and coffee ... read more


You will not see signboards leading to this beach. It is located on a cape in the area of Astris and you have to drive on unpaved road for a few kilometers to reach it. As there are no directions on the road, you should ask some of the locals or use GPS coordinates. The beach lies between two rocks and the sea is usually calm, suitable both for adults and children. It is sandy, with some flat rocks on the sea bottom around the shore. In the summer the beach is organized with a beach bar, sunbeds and umbrellas. The pine trees around the beach make air cooler in hot days.

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