5 km away from Neos Marmaras to an altitude of 350 m, among the olive trees, you will find Parthenonas - a traditional village with well-preserved old houses and atmosphere of past centuries.

The name Parthenonas is mentioned in documents from 10th century but there is no much information about the village itself and its role in the past. In 1970 the site was rediscovered and called The abandoned village of Sithonia since only abandoned and ruined houses were found in it (some of them still can be seen).

Today the village is not deserted and although its permanent population of 7 persons, there are family hotels, restaurants and cafes. All guest houses and villas built after the village rediscovery adhere to the architecture of the abandoned houses, to preserve the authenticity of the place. The streets are cobbled, narrow and steep because Parthenonas is located on a hill overlooking the coastline and the islet of Kelyfos (known as Turtle Island).

Besides the old houses, there are a few places in Parthenonas worth to see: the church of Agios Stefanos from 1837, the Folklore Museum and a distiller for brewing local brandy (tsipouro).

highlights: abandoned village with old houses and preserved architecture, village in Sithonia, Halkidiki, Greece

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The belfry of Agios Stefanos churchIn a late afternoonSouvenir shop in the upper part of ParthenonasIn a late afternoonParthenonasParthenonasParthenonasParthenonasParthenonasParthenonasParthenonasParthenonasParthenonasParthenonasParthenonasParthenonasParthenonasParthenonasParthenonas
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