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Location. Sithonia (somewhere you can see it as Sidonia) is the middle leg of Halkidiki peninsula. It was named after Sithonas, son of the god of the sea Poseidon. The distance from Thessaloniki to the beginning of the leg is about 100 km. It is less populated and preferred by travelers who enjoy nature and tranquility. Road infrastructure is not as well developed as that of Kassandra and there are not many places for entertainment, but it is a great place to escape from civilization.

Nature. People call this peninsula a symphony of green and blue because these are the colors you see around you all the time. The rich vegetation reaches down to the blue waters of the coast. The beaches are separated by high cliffs into smaller or larger bays, all with crystal clear water. However, the sea floor of some beaches is rocky and you should beware of sea urchins. The sea is full of life and if you have swimming goggles, you can see fish passages, small octopuses and sea snails. Warning! Fishes are usually in a playful mood and love to jog people who stand motionless in the water (jog is not the right word, just don`t get startled if you feel tingling). In some bays there are coral reefs.

Beaches in the resorts. In summer the beaches of the more famous resorts can get overcrowded, but not like on Kassandra. Also, there is always an alternative destination for a few (or more) miles away from the resort. The area of Paralia Sykia was under the radar for many years but even now when tourists discovered it, it has plenty of beaches with space for everyone.

Hotels and restaurants. There are hotels of higher categories but most hotels are small and family run, offering studios and apartments. There are many camping sites as well. On Sithonia is situated one of the largest campsites in Europe - Armenistis. Restaurants, bakeries and supermarkets can be found in any resort, even in the smallest ones. If you expect rich nightlife and entertainment in the early hours of the day, choose one of the larger resorts but in general, Sithonia is visited by tourists who go there to enjoy nature and unpopulated beaches, among peace and quietness. The prices of the family hotels are slightly lower than those of Kassandra.

Entertainment. Larger resorts offer water sports, diving, riding, golf and mountain bike rental. You can rent a motorboat and get around the small bays along the coast or go on a boat trip to Mount Athos and Kassandra. In most places (especially larger) car rental is available. The mountain tops inside the leg, grown with pine trees, are accessible by certain routes and offer amazing panoramic views of the sea and of the three legs of Halkidiki.
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