5 party beach bars in Sithonia

When it comes to beaches, Sithonia takes the lead among all three fingers of Halkidiki peninsula. It has numerous coves surrounded by lots of greenery and for anyone`s taste. Families with kids would be happy to discover the large sandy and shallow beaches, people seeking isolation would enjoy the hidden coves all over the coast, and those who look for convenient sunbeds, leisure chill out music and choice of cold drinks would not be left disappointed, too - Sithonia is home to some of the most amazing beach bars which organize beach parties as well. In July and August weekends, young people from Thessaloniki and the region tend to occupy these places, especially if there is planned party event, but in the rest of the time they function normally and are not overcrowded (so do not expect everyday DJ parties like on Mykonos, for example). The following 5 are all set in great blue coves outside villages, all on the east coast of Sithonia. It doesn`t mean you will not find such on the west coast, too, simply there are so many beach bar scattered all over the peninsula that is really hard to pick up.

Talgo Beach Bar

free sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach

Talgo bears the name of the beach it is situated on, or vice versa. It is a small cove between Ormos Panagias and Vourvourou, closed between the curved coastline and the opposite islet of Kalogrya. Due to its location, the sea is always calm and sheltered. The sunbeds and parasols of Talgo beach bar occupy half of the beach, the rest is free zone. Beach parties led by DJ`s usually begin after 3 pm but the place is popular and tends to crowd even in the morning, especially the first two rows. Talgo used to have an entrance fee of EUR 5 per person over the past few years but for season 2018 the entrance fee is removed. Parking and beach entrance are free of charge but minimum consumption is applied if you choose to use their sunbeds.

Bahia Beach Bar

Bahia Beach Bar is located in a small cove near Zografou beach, accessible via unpaved road. Almost no one calls the beach by its actual name, Porto Paradiso, it is known simply as Bahia. The cove is small, locked between two high sea cliffs and it is entirely occupied by sunbeds and parasols. The sea bottom around the shore is covered with pebbles but the water is transparent and perfect for snorkeling and swimming. You can use all facilities of Bahia free of charge if you order something from the bar. Parties with guest singers and DJ`s are usually on Saturdays and advertised in advance.

Manassu Beach Bar

This one is the leader of parties on Sithonia and its popularity attracts even celebrities. Manassu Beach Bar is set in a scenic blue-green cove, roughly between Armenistis and Zografou. From the main road you need to follow a short unpaved for less than 1 km and you will yourself on the beach called Akti Oneirou. Except for the beach bar and restaurant, there is also a campsite with good reputation which is booked many months in advance and therefore you will not find the bar empty unless you go early in the morning. Outer visitors do not pay entrance fee but they are not allowed to use their own equipment and are asked to use the sunbeds of Manassu Beach Bar. The music is not so loud during the day and there is a bit more space between sunbeds for extra comfort. Note that the beach is not suitable for kids as the sea quickly gets deep and there are pebbles but young couples and groups of friends would like it.

Goa Beach Bar

Compared to the above beach bars, this one is the least crowded and visited mostly by locals. It is situated in a small rocky cove between Sarti and Paralia Sykia and half of the beach is a free zone. It is dubious if the beach has its own name but everyone calls it Goa after the bar. Goa beach is entirely sandy but the sea bottom is covered with pebbles and boulders which some may find difficult to get in the sea. During the day the music is quiet and unobtrusive - trance, of course, and party events are held on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Africafe Beach Bar

by Africafe Beach Bar

Africafe is on the territory on Camping Platanitsi so it gets really crowded and noisy with the campers and outer visitors. But its music and the Saturday parties they organize attract young people as magnet. There are plenty of sunbeds, lounges and parasols, and the back part is lined by high thick trees where you can cool down if the sun is too much for you. The only negative for outer visitors is that they should either walk on foot the distance from the campsite entrance to the beach (approximately 700 meters) or pay entrance fee in case they want to reach the beach by car.

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