Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach is a beach on the eastern coast of Thassos, 26 km from the capital Limenas. It overlooks the uninhabited islet of Kinira.

The place is situated in a secluded bay and surrounded by greenery. To reach it from the main road, you should look for the sign of Paradise Bar. The road leading to the beach is not paved but it is in a good condition.

Paradise beach is wide, with fine white sand and the water is very shallow. The area offers a limited number of rooms to rent. There is only one restaurant on the beach, open in the summer season when more visitors come. In the past Paradise Beach was the official nude beach of Thassos but in the last few years naturists occupy only part of it.


highlights: secluded beach with fine and shallow water, beach in Thassos, North Aegean Islands, Greece

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