Aliki is a place in the southeastern part of Thassos. It is a small rocky peninsula with two bays, separated by a narrow rocky cape jutting into the sea. Just above it there is parking for cars. On the cape there are old marble quarries and the ruins of an ancient sanctuary of 7th century BC. Since it is on the hill, the sea view from the top of it is very beautiful.

The southern bay is a narrow strip of sand and flat stones, with very shallow warm water. Trees reach almost to the sea and there are several tavernas. The northern shingle bay is smaller and less visited.

In the area there are several houses with apartments to rent but keep in mind that Aliki is not exactly a resort and except for the houses and restaurants around the beach, there are no other facilities.

highlights: beach with two bays and shallow water, village in Thassos, North Aegean Islands, Greece

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