The village beach seen from the road

Olympiada is a small resort village in the northeastern part of Halkidiki, 95 km away from Thessaloniki. It is close to the resorts of Stavros and Asprovalta, and according to legend it was named after the mother of Alexander the Great.

Olympiada is a place suitable for a peaceful holiday, it is surrounded by a lot of greenery. There are family hotels, several taverns, cafes and fast food. Close to resort is the village of Stagira - the birthplace of Aristotle. You can visit the park of Aristotle which is also in Stagira.

The beach of Olympiada is long and sandy and it never gets too crowded. Near the village there is a rocky cape penetrating into the sea around which you can find several small secluded beaches.


The village beach seen from the road

highlights: small resort village near Stavros and Asprovalta, village in Central Halkidiki, Halkidiki, Greece

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