8 fairytale villages in the Pindus mountain

No matter the season, they look like illustrations of fairytale books - stone houses with stone roof tiles and cobbled alleys. The villages of Pindus are distinguished for their preserved traditional architecture, unspoilt nature and cozy guest houses where you can escape from reality in any period of the year and take a breath of fresh air.

The large mountain range of Pindus dominates the entire region of Epirus and most villages are located on slopes with unbounded views, in close proximity to national parks and hiking trails. Some of these villages are part of the so called Zagorochoria area - a group of 46 settlements around the Vikos gorge, others are located high in the Tzoumerka mountain. See the most magical of them below.

1. Papingo

Papingo consists of 2 villages next to each other - Megalo Papingo and Mikro Papingo. Both are close to one of the best view points of Vikos gorge, as well as to the starting point for Voidomatis river rafting. The road to Papingo is really dramatic, with 15 consecutive hairpin turns.

2. Kipoi

Built amphitheatrically on a slope, at first sight Kipoi doesn`t seem like a place with something interesting to check out. But the most photographed stone bridges of Zagorochoria are concentrated around Kipoi - Kokori, Kalogeriko, Mylos, Captain Bear bridge and others.

3. Monodendri

Another village in a strategic position - there are plenty of things to see and do around Monodendri. Apart from walks in the well-maintained cobble alleys and meals at the village square, you can visit the nearby Monastery of Agia Paraskevi and the Stone forest. The Oxya viewpoint of Vikos gorge is 7 km away from Monodendri.

4. Vitsa

Vitsa is the neighbor village of Monodendri, with nice views and choice of boutique hotels to stay. The starting points of many hiking trails in the area are just outside Vitsa, including the trail to the famous Kokori bridge.

5. Syrrako

The steep slope on which the houses of Syrrako are built provides impressive views, especially at night when you see the entire village illuminated. A deep ravine separates it from the nearby village of Kalarites, and the river which runs through it forms a few waterfalls.

6. Kalarites

Kipinas Monastery close to the village

Kalarites is known mainly for its proximity to Kipina monastery, a scenic monastery built within a rock. But the village itself is also worth the visit, with its quiet alleys and authentic atmosphere. The hiking trail Kalarites-Syrrako is one of the most dramatic in the area.

7. Tsepelovo

Traditional cafe at the square

A bit calmer than the rest villages in the area, Tsepelovo is a place for full relaxation in some of its archontikos - old houses turned into hotels, with preserved outlook and interior details.

8. Dilofo

Dilofo is close to Kipoi. It is small but very charming village with the typical for the region plateia - small square with a big plane tree and a cafeteria.

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