Megali Petra

Aerial view of the beach and the rocks

Together with Kavalikefta and Avali, Megali Petra is one of the sequence of three beaches below Kalamitsi village. It is on the west coast of Lefkada, where all beaches have specific milky blue color of the sea.

This beach is often confused with Kavalikefta and Avali, both north of Megali Petra. At first sight they seem to share a common uninterrupted beach strip but the three of them are separated by large sea rocks and accessed via different ways. The road for all three of them starts from the village of Kalamitsi and steeply slopes down to the sea for 4.5 km with hairpin turns. At some point in the middle you should turn right for Avali, and the route for Megali Petra requires you to turn left 100 meters before the road ends at Kavalikefta. There are enough signs to guide you. In contrast to the rest, Megali Petra includes also a short hike via footpath and maybe that is why it is still not organized and has no facilities at all. You will see the beach at the beginning of the path and will enjoy the view on the way down.

Megali Petra means ”big stones” and the name comes either from the large pieces of rocks scattered at some places in the sea and the shore, or from the big ball-like cliff which partially closes the footpath at its end. It is very scenic beach, with the blue water and the imposing cliffs behind it, complemented by the scattered rock pieces around the shore. From a distance the beach seems covered with white sand all over. In fact the ”sand” is tiny white pebbles which are really gentle and do not feel uncomfortable to your feet. The sea is deep around the shore and rough almost all the time, and swimming should be very careful. You should bring your own sun protection, water and food as there are no facilities nearby, the closest is the cafeteria at Kavalikefta.


Aerial view of the beach and the rocks

highlights: large beach next to Kavalikefta and Kalamitsi, beach in Lefkada, Ionian Islands, Greece

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