The 12 most scenic beaches in the Ionian Islands

The Ionian islands of Greece are green, picturesque and home to some of the most dramatic beaches targeted by photographers. The amazing vivid blue color of the sea (or milky blue in certain spots of Lefkada and Zakynthos) is a peculiar feature of the group, and in a combination with the green hills reaching down the sea and the multicolor houses in neoclassical style, it creates magical landscapes. Check out the most inspiring beaches of the Ionian islands you often see on photos by travelers and photographers.

1. Myrtos, Kefalonia

The view of Myrtos from the road is one of the most breath-taking scenes in a lifetime. Sparkling white pebbles (no sand there) and bright blue sea with small dots moving here and there like ants (the people). Like Egremni on Lefkada, Myrtos was badly affected by an earthquake in 2014 and even the road had collapsed but it is now restored and welcomes visitors again.

2. Porto Katsiki, Lefkada

Porto Katsiki is the most famous beach of Lefkada, though Egremni is no less impressive. The cliffs behind the beach are in reddish hues to further intensify the contrast with the striking blue sea. Porto Katsiki has a panoramic and a bit scary platform to overview the beach from above and stairs leading down to the sea.

3. Navagio, Zakynthos

Closer view

The world-famous Navagio beach owes its fame to the shipwreck, the rusty ruins of which stand there in contrast to the blue water and the white cliffs. Navagio can be accessed only by sea but since the aerial view is more spectacular, most photos are taken from a special platform and from the rocks above the beach. Watching Navagio from the rocks is not safe as there is no protective fence (but it doesn`t mean you won`t see people taking selfies and almost falling down while seeking the perfect shot).

4. Voutoumi, Antipaxos

The uninhabited island of Antipaxos allures with two superb beaches - Voutoumi and Vrika, covered with tropical-like sand and pebbles. The water is so transparent that you can often see boats "floating" in the air.

5. Paleokastritsa, Corfu

The high contrast between green hills and blue sea make the six beaches of Paleokastritsa look so scenic. The view of all of them is especially impressive from the Bella Vista point in Lakonia village. The coastline around is also rich in rock formations and sea caves.

6. Egremni, Lefkada

In 2015 a strong earthquake hit Lefkada and ruined all the 347 steps which lead down to Egremni beach, and the beach itself was almost buried under landslide. It took 5 years for the damages to be fixed and since 2021 Egremni is open to visitors again, via new steps from which you can take spectacular photos of the blue sea.

7. Petani, Kefalonia

Sometimes they call it "the twin of Myrtos" and even from the photos you can guess why. Both Petani and Myrtos have those blue hues of the sea, small white pebbles around the shore and vertical cliffs behind. Petani, however, is a bit smaller, it has a few beach tavernas and the road to the beach is less steeper.

8. Porto Timoni, Corfu

View from above

Porto Timoni is one of the least known beaches of Corfu, maybe because you need to walk on foot in order to see this landscape. The double bay is located near the village of Afionas and bears the name of the small peninsula it belongs to. If you are not keen on walking, you can also visit it by boat or pedalo from the nearby Agios Georgios-Pagi.

9. Gidaki, Ithaca

Aerial view of Gidaki beach

With its white pebbles and vivid blue water, Gidaki is the most beautiful beach of Ithaca, located in a place where no cars have access. The only way to reach Gidaki is by boat or on foot (30 minutes walk).

10. Gerakas, Zakynthos

by dronepicr / CC BY 2.0

The beach of Gerakas is part of the National Marine Park of Zakynthos which is also home to the protected Caretta caretta turtles. It has soft sand and very shallow water.

11. Kaladi, Kythira

Kaladi beach

Although very remote from the rest Ionian islands, Kythira is part of the group. Its most famous beach, Kaladi, consists of two connected beach strips with a giant rock between them.

12. Erimitis, Paxos

A couple waiting for the sunset

Erimitis appeared after landslide in 2007 and large pieces of rocks can still be seen on this beach, as if the collapse has just happened. The sunset observed from here is spectacular, coloring the scrambled rocks in fiery hues. Erimitis is the one of the two beaches on the west rocky coastline of Paxos which can be accessed on foot.

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