Green hill and blue sea

Not yet very popular among tourists, Avali beach lies on the west coast of Lefkada island, just a bit north of Kavalikefta. It is one of the three beaches of Kalamitsi but most visitors go to Megali Petra or Kavalikefta, leaving Avali almost empty out of season and not crowded even in July and August.

Avali can be accessed via the road which is common for all the three beaches at the beginning. It starts from the village of Kalamitsi, a steep and narrow long road with hairpin turns and approximate length of 4.5 km. In the middle of the way down there is a fork to the right and it leads to Avali. The road continues to wind down and ends at a parking lot just next to the beach and a small cantina. There are no sunbeds and parasols available but you can buy drinks from the cantina or order something from the menu and enjoy the superb view from its tables.

The beach has the typical blue water for the west coast of Lefkada, and the shore is covered with coarse sand and tiny white pebbles. The taverna is in the south end of Avali but its total length is about 1 km. The sea is deep and there are usually big waves but if you happen to be there in a wind-free day, you can see the sparkling shades of light blue under the sea surface.


Green hill and blue seaBlue sea and blue sky

highlights: less popular beach with cantina on the west coast, beach in Lefkada, Ionian Islands, Greece

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