the western, most popular leg of the peninsula
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Kassandra Travel Guide

Location. Kassandra is the most western and most populated leg on Halkidiki peninsula, named after the ancient king Kassander. In order to reach it, you should pass through the ring road of Thessaloniki. The road from Thessaloniki to Halkikidi is unidirectional and straight, the first seaside settlement on Kassandra is at a distance less than 70 km. The small resorts (or rather villages) are located a few miles away from each other and the beach often connects them. If you do not have a car, you can always rent a car, bike or ATV, or to use the public buses.
Quite often you can hear the name Pallini. This is not a village or town, but the old name of Kassandra which today is the name of one of its municipalities. There is a hotel with the same name near Kallithea.

Nature.Each place on Kassandra has its own atmosphere and each of them is worth seeing. The water everywhere is crystal clear and very, very blue when looking the sea from above. Water is salty and swimming in it is easier. In some places there are stones on the sea floor, below which sea urchins lie, so be careful as you step on them or buy yourself aqua shoes (5 euros). Waves are very rare on the eastern coast and the sea is almost always as smooth as a mirror. Since water is transparent and peaceful, you can watch life in it with or without glasses - fish, sea snail, small octopuses and sea urchins. Fishes are sometimes playful and you can be poked by them if you stay too long in one place without moving. Instead of clams, the sea shore has small colored stones. No algae here.

Vegetation on the leg is represented by olive trees, palm trees and oleanders. Some resorts are growing pine trees and hence the feeling of sea and mountain in one place.

Beaches. In July and August Kassandra is quite populated. The beaches of the leg are not the same everywhere - some are sandy and others have pebbles. There are often small stones around the shore. usually the use of sunbeds on the beach is paid (6 euros for two sunbeds and umbrella). The sunbeds of beach bars are free of charge to use but require consumption (frappe - 3-5 euro, soft drink - 3-4 euro, mineral water - 1 euro). There is enough distance between umbrellas so you will not push elbows with your neighbors. Of course, you can always go outside the resort and visit any of the non populated beaches.

Hotels and restaurants. There are all kinds and plenty of. The most frequent tourists here are Serbians, Romanians, Bulgarians and English speakers, so you will not have problems with language. There are no high buildings, even the hotels of higher categories have maximum 4 floors. The locals have afternoon siesta so do not be surprised if you find some shops or bakeries closed for several hours. In the evenings however, everything works until late.

Entertainment. In some resorts all-day excursions by boat are organized to the other two legs, with lunch included on board. They are worth to attend but it is good to know some things beforehand. Tickets are purchased in advance, usually in the evening for the next day. Go to the boat at least half an hour before it departs - the tickets have no particular seats and there are not enough shaded benches for all passengers (at least in high season) you will risk to sit in the sun or at the railings of the boat with your legs on the railing. You must take a hat and cloth with long sleeves - while the boats is moving, there is a nice puff of wind and you will not feel the sun burn. If you think you can get sick during your trip, ask the captain of the boat or the crew for anti-vomiting pills (usually they have such).
Water sports are not available in all resorts. Each village has at least one playground for children with swings.
Besides trips to Mount Athos and Sithonia, other trips offered in the larger resorts are visit to the cave Petralona near Thessaloniki and one-day trip to Waterland - a large water park, again near Thessaloniki.
highlights: the western, most popular leg of the peninsula, region in Halkidiki, North Greece, Greece
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