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Vourvourou is a settlement on the east coast of Sithonia, close to Ormos Panagias. It is populated only in the summer season.

In Vourvourou there is no center, nor square or promenade. Everything is scattered near or away from the sea - it is recommended to have a car to move around because distances are long. There are various hotels, guesthouses and villas to rent, a few restaurants, supermarket and a cafe.

Vourvourou has a couple of beaches, including the famous Karidi and the less known Fava. The beach in the central part of the settlement is narrow but very long and many hotels have direct access to the beach, some with beach bars as well. The sand is find and the water is shallow and very calm which is due to the location - the bay is wind-protected thanks to the archipelago of rocky islets known as "the nine islands of Vourvourou". The largest of them is called Diaporos and though it is not inhabited, it already offers villas to rent.

While in Vourvorou you can climb the nearby Mount Ithamos or enjoy water sports and diving. The most popular activity here is to rent a boat (no special license is needed) and explore the extremely blue water of the islets.

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pine tree at the beachthe bright white-yellow sandstone and the green seathe sandy beach stripfrom the main road

highlights: area with sandy beaches and with view to Diaporos, village in Sithonia, Halkidiki, Greece

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