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Antiparos, pronounced as Andiparos, is a small island just next to the shore of Paros. Since it is easy to reach (10 minutes boat ride from Paros), it is a popular destination which welcome many tourists in the summer season. Ferries from Paros arrive at the port of Antiparos Chora, the only village of the island.

Antiparos is small and relatively flat, very convenient to explore by car. Most people come for a daily trip and they usually stay in the village until it`s time to leave. Prepared for the daily portion of visitors, Antiparos Chora offers many restaurants, cafes and shops, and in the village center you can see its Kastro - a Venetian castle from 15th century. Within walking distance there are three beaches - Agios Spyridonas, Psaraliki and Sifneiko and people do not need a car to reach them from the village.

The island coast, and especially the east one, is dotted with small coves with fine or coarse sand and saturated blue water. Hotels and villas are scatted all over Antiparos but their concentration is greater around the beaches of Agios Georgios and Soros. From Agios Georgios you can take a boat to the opposite islet - Despotiko. Despotiko is not inhabited but it has nice beaches and historical importance since the Archaic sanctuary of Apollo was excavated there. Archaeologist believe that many other fragments of the sanctuary are still buried and excavation works are in progress now.

Apart from Kastro, Antiparos has two more attractions to offer - the Cave of Antiparos and the sea caves. The Cave of Antiparos is 8 km away from Chora and it is one of the few vertical caves of Europe. The sea caves are accessible only by sea, via rented boats or organized cruises.


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