The Kastro (Castle) of Antiparos is the most significant sight of the island. It is located in Antiparos Chora and you can reach it as you follow the main pedestrian street.

The castle was built in 15 century by the Venetian Giovanni Loredano. It is fortified settlement in the shape of a square, as each side measures approximately 53 meters. The castle has only one entrance and dwellings built within the castle walls, as each dwelling is accessible via outer steps. The place is very well preserved, only the tower in the center is missing. Around the entrance there is a line of small cozy restaurants and bars.

highlights: Venetian fortified settlement from 15 century, historic sight in Antiparos, Cyclades Islands, Greece

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KastroInsideWalking in the alleysWalking in the alleysWalking in the alleysKastroChurch in the middleThe churchRuins of tower in the middleThe churchKastroStairs leading to the dwellingsKastroKastroThe only shop insideThe gateThe gateView from the gate
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Address: Antiparos, Cyclades Islands, Greece
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