Afteli is one of best kept secrets of Lefkada. If there are beaches on the island which are still hidden for mass tourists and not actively advertised, Afteli is one of them. It is probably due to the fact it is not part of the fabulous west coast beaches, and it is also away from the main road and from the touristic resorts. You will hardly get to this beach by accident if you have not seen or heard of it before.

Afteli lies on the southeast coast, close to a village named Evgiros. The region around the beach is not populated and it is accessible via a paved road which starts from Evgiros and slopes down for 3 km, allowing you to see Afteli from above. The road is steep and quite narrow, and two cars can hardly pass at the same time but there are not so many visitors anyway. The beach is nestled in a tiny cove with extremely blue and transparent water because of the surrounding rocks. The road ends at the very beach where you will find only a private house and a beach taverna.

Afteli is very small and it may feel crowded if there are more than 10 persons at the same time. It is covered with large smooth pebbles, both on the shore and in the sea. The sea is usually very calm, like all beaches on the east coast of Lefkada, and it is very suitable for snorkeling and diving. No sunbeds and parasols are available but at the taverna you can have lunch and dinner, indulging yourselves with delicious traditional meals, as well as coffee and drinks in the morning and afternoon.
highlights: unknown beach with transparent water and taverna, beach in Lefkada, Ionian Islands, Greece
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