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Agiofili is a scenic small cove on the south coast of Lefkada, close to Vasiliki. It has white sand mixed with small pebbles and transparent blue water. In the past it used to be a secluded and hidden place known only to locals because of the hard access but today it is no longer a secret for the tourists.

Until recently Agiofili was accessed either by boat taxi from Vasiliki, or by car via dirt road, as the route included some walking in the last 200 meters. The boats are still functioning, and the journey is short and cheap (EUR 3-4 per person) but now the road is further extended down to the beach and ends in a small parking lot (paid). From this point on you should walk only 20 meters and access the beach via small ladder. Of course, you can also walk the entire route on foot as the hike takes about 40-50 minutes from Vasiliki harbor. Agiofili is worth the walk, although due to the small size it gets crowded in July and August. The location keeps the beach sheltered from winds and there are no waves, unlike the west beaches of Lefkada where the sea is rough almost all the time. Large pieces of rocks are scattered both on the beach and in the water, making it look even more crystal.

In the summer a small beach cantina operates on Agiofili, renting sunbeds and parasols and selling drinks and light snacks. You are not obliged to rent a sunbed but it may be hard to find a spot to place your towel, unless you come early in the morning or out of season.


The beach out of seasonAdvertising board for boat trips to Agiofili

highlights: scenic small cove near Vasiliki, beach in Lefkada, Ionian Islands, Greece

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