The unique location and shape of Voidokillia beach make it one of the most peculiar ones not only in Greece but in the Mediterranean sea as well. It lies in a small bay with the shape of the Greek letter Omega (Ω) and the old Navarino castle rises on a promontory right above the south part of the beach. Voidokillia also separates the sea from the Gialova lagoon, a natural habitat for birds and reptiles, including rare ones.

The beach is surrounded by big sand dunes. The water is crystal clear and shallow around the shore. There are no facilities at all, the closest village is Petrochori (2 km away) and the way to Voidokillia passes through the village. In the south side of the beach, which is the most distant from the parking place, nudes can often be seen. The hiking trail to Navarino castle and Nestor`s Cave also starts from the south end of Voidokillia and reveals panoramic views to the beach and the Gialova lagoon all the way up.

North of Voidokillia there are a few small sandy coves around Petrochori, and the largest of them is organized with sunbeds and parasols.

highlights: sandy beach with unique shape and location, beach in Messinia Region, Peloponnese, Greece

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Aerial view of the beachThe beach seen from the way to Nestor`s CaveView from a hill above the south endBig sandy dunesThe south beach endThe castle in the backThe middle of the omega letterThe middle of the Omega letterNavarino castle above the south endWalking on the soft sandView from the way to Nestor`s CaveView from the way to Nestor`s CaveRoute from Voidokillia to the castleThe beach and the lagoon behind
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