Top 3 beaches in Elafonisos island

Walking on the sand and searching for the perfect beach spot

First of all, do not confuse this island with Elafonisi which is a world famous beach and lagoon in the west part of Crete. Elafonisos is a small but populated island lying between south Peloponnese and Kythira. It is just off the coast and easily accessible via frequent ferries within 15 minutes ride. The island can be successfully toured within 1 day, as most visitors do, but for a better experience there are some hotels to accommodate you. Since this part of Peloponnese is still undiscovered by mass tourism, Elafonisos is one of the least known Greek islands. You may not be much impressed by its single village by the port when you approach but the blue color of the sea around would definitely grab your attention. And the real secrets this island hides cannot be seen from the ferry - magnificent beaches with turquoise water and tropical white sand. We present you the best 3 of them.

1. Simos

The sandspit that separates the beach on Frango and Sarakiniko parts

Big dunes, footprints on the white sand and contrasting blue sea. Two beaches, Frango and Sarakiniko, meet and create Simos, the largest beach of Elafonisos. In the summer there a few beach bars operating and a kite surf club. Simos is a renown destination among kite surfers but do not let this put you off - the place is not so windy all the time as to disturb you. If you like fine sand and transparent water, you`ll fall in love with it.

2. Panagia

Wide sandy beach

Panagia, also Kato Nissi, is another large beach of Elafonissos but not the same size as Simos. It is on the west side of the island, overlooking a group of rocky islets commonly known as "the islands of Panagia". The soft sand is so fine that it feels like wet clay under the feet. The sea has amazing color with light and dark shades of blue, and the water is so clear that in weather it reminds of a large swimming pool.

3. Lefki

The rocky beach shore and the sparkling blue sea

A small hidden cove, often neglected because of the neighbor Simos. On the map it is marked as "hidden beach" although it is just 20 meters from the road, and this is probably due to the fact that you will not see it from the car on the way to the famous beach. Pefki has a small sandy strip and sand dunes around but what attracts the visitor is the "glowing" neon blue effect of the sea. The sea is quite shallow around the shore and in contrast to Simos, there are rarely waves here.

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