Messinia Region

administrative unit of Peloponnese

Ancient window in the fort

Messinia Region

Messinia (also spelled Messenia) is one of the administrative units of Peloponnese, occupying the southwest peninsula. Capital of the region is the city of Kalamata which is also one of the largest cities on Peloponnese.

The landscape of Messinia includes endless olive groves (the famous Kalamata olives are grown here), large sandy beaches and well preserved ancient castles. Some of the interesting places to visit on the territory of Messinia are:
- The town of Pylos with its Venetian architecture, the castle above the town and the view of the big rock Sfaktiria in the sea
- The castle of Methoni
- The castle of Koroni
- Voidokilia, a beach with peculiar shape
- The old Navarino castle above Voidokilia beach
- The Palace of Nestor, an archeological site close to Gialova
- Ancient Messinia near Kalamata


highlights: administrative unit of Peloponnese, region in Peloponnese, Greece

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