View from the road to Navarino castle


Divari is a long sandy beach which starts at the end of Gialova village and continuous forward to the Gialova lagoon and the old Navarino castle. It comprises the north part of Navarino bay and actually divides it from the lagoon. The beach is also known as Golden Sands.

Divari has a narrow but very long beach strip (about 1.5 km). There are no facilities except for a campsite which is just outside Gialova village. The closest cafes and mini markets are in the village, no sunbeds or parasols are provided. The water is shallow and suitable for kids, waves are rare even in windy days. Divari beach ends with the north end of the bay, just below the old Navarino castle. In this part the island of Sfaktiria with its Glossa beach is so close, that you can easily swim to it from Divari.

Voidokillia beach is on the other side of the promontory on which the castle is built.

highlights: long sandy beach with shallow water, beach in Messinia Region, Peloponnese, Greece

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View from the road to Navarino castlePart of the beachEnd of Diavri below the castleGlossa beach on Sfaktiria island

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