Gialova seen from the road above Pylos

The small village of Gialova is located in Navarino bay, the bay in which Pylos lies. The distance between the two settlements is 6 km.

Gialova has a long and narrow sandy beach. All hotels, guesthouses and restaurants are along the road which goes parallel to the beach. There is not much to do in the village itself but it is suitable for nature lovers as just next to Gialova you will find amazing long beaches which never get too crowded, and the Gialova lagoon, also known as Divari lagoon. The lagoon is a sea lake closed between sea and mainland, part of Natura 2000. It is home to more than 270 kinds of birds and to the African chameleon (this is the only place in Europe where this species can be found). The Old Castle of Navarino is close to the village - on the top of a hill overlooking Gialova, the lagoon and Voidokillia beach.


Gialova seen from the road above PylosBeachOld Navarino castle above the Gialova lagoon

highlights: village close to the Gialova lagoon, village in Messinia Region, Peloponnese, Greece

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