Vathi (sometimes written as Vathy) is 2 km long beach on the east side of Mani peninsula, Peloponnese. It is 14 km south of Gythio when traveling in Skoutari direction. At the north end of the beach there is a small village that is also known as Vathi.

Vathi is a relatively sandy beach with some spots covered with small smooth pebbles. The sea is not deep and suitable for families with kids. The beach is with varying width and ranges from 7-8 meters (in the south end) to 30 meters wide in the north end (in Gythio direction). In the center, the beach is even wider and reaches up to 40 meters and namely there the small river Kronos reaches the sea and flows over the sand, forming a small and shallow channel full of water - it seems as if there is an extra beach in front of the current one.

There are plenty of accommodations options in Vathi - 3 campsites and a dozen of hotels, most of which are located in the village. There are two tavernas (restaurants) next to beach and a few more on the road that goes from the village to the main road.
Next to Vathi are two more beaches - Kotronas and Mavrovouni, as the latest is the largest beach near Gythio.
highlights: two km long sandy beach with 3 campsites and a dozen hotels, beach in Mani Region, Peloponnese, Greece
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