Cute seafront taverna

Moutsouna is one of the remotest villages on Naxos, located on the east coast. Actually, this is one of the only two settlements on the entire east coast of the island (the other is Lionas).

There is just one road to Moutsouna - from Apeiranthos. The distance between them is approximately 12 km but traveling takes more time since the road is narrow and winding. The landscape is wild and rocky but you can enjoy wonderful panoramic views and on the way you can watch how the silhouette of the nearby Donoussa island gradually gets bigger. There are almost no signs of life until you reach Moutsouna.

The village is spread along a few coves and a pier which in the past was used for loading boats with mining products. This pier, a couple of seafront fish tavernas and a cafe mark the center of Moutsouna, where there is also a small sandy beach. Rooms to rent are available in small hotels and guesthouses, and there is also one mini market for basic goods. If you choose to be accommodated in the area of Moutsouna, be prepared for a very calm holiday away from the crowds. During the day some curious tourists come for a walk and dinner at the fish tavernas but in the night it gets very quiet. South and north of the village you will find series of sandy or pebbly coves, some of them entirely empty.


Cute seafront tavernaOne of the beaches

highlights: remote village with sandy coves and fish tavernas, village in Naxos, Cyclades Islands, Greece

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