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Apeiranthos (also Apeirathos) is on of the oldest inland settlements of Naxos, known as the "marble village" because marble is widely used for decoration of its streets and buildings. It is built on a hill and the narrow winding alleys among the houses intersect on their way to the top.

Apeiranthos lies in the mountainous central area of the island, 25-30 km away from Naxos Town. Most of the village is accessible only on foot, and cars and buses park along the main road and the designated parking spaces near the church of Panagia. If you come by car from Filoti, you will have to encircle the entire village in order to get to the church and the parking. If you come from Kinidaros or Koronos, you will reach it as soon as you enter the village.

Architecture is the main sightseeing of Apeiranthos - small white squares, arches and tiny tunnels between the houses, Venetian ruins and stone towers, among which the notable Zevgolis tower near the main square. A few hours would not be enough to fully explore it since it is a large village and you can easily get lost in the labyrinth of marble alleys (but it would be fun). Moreover, spend some time to sit at the local cafes or restaurants and try their specialties: portokalopita (orange pie) and lemonopita (lemon pie). The village is also very proud to posses as many as five museum - folklore, archeological, geological, natural historical and a museum of fine arts.

highlights: the marble village of the island, village in Naxos, Cyclades Islands, Greece
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