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Kasos (or Kassos) is one of the least known inhabited islands of Greece. This is not due only to the fact it is indeed a small island but because of its location. Kasos is situated between Karpathos and Crete, the southernmost islands of Greece. It is connected via ferries with Piraeus, Rhodes, Karpathos, Crete, Milos, Anafi and Santorini but even the journey to the closest island of Karpathos takes about 1,5 hours. The small airport of Kasos serves only domestic flights.

Kasos is suitable for a short holiday or for people who prefer getaway destinations where tourists are rare to see outside the port. The port of the island is Fry, a settlement which developed around it, and a there are also four other small villages - Poli, Panagia, Agia Marina and Arvanitochori. All of them are located at a close distance (few kilometers) to the port. Except for these settlements in the middle part of the island, Kasos is not inhabited in the other areas due to its volcanic origin. The landscape is rocky and barren, although there are good asphalt roads going north and south and leading to small chapels and monasteries. Accommodation is available in small hotels and rooms to rent.

There are not many beaches on Kasos which can be accessed by car or on foot but on most of them you can be the only visitor. The only organized beach of the island is Emborios next to Fry, it is managed by two beach tavernas and sunbeds and parasols are offered. On the west coast one can find Ammoua, a small sandy beach, and a series of small pebbly coves called Fokiokamara and Antiperatos. The beach of Helatros (Chelatros) on the south is the largest beach of Kasos and the most remote place from all the villages. It is a pebbly cove between two rocks, without facilities.

Although Kasos cannot boast with fine sandy beaches, this is exactly what the neighbor uninhabited islet of Armathia offers - three exotic beaches with soft sand and bright blue water. The main beach is called Marmara and in the summer there are regular boats from Fry to Armathia, carrying passengers for a day trip.

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