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Meet Anafi - one of the best off the beaten track destinations in Greece! This small island lies in the middle of South Aegean sea, and except for Santorini, it is away from all the rest islands of the Cyclades group.

Anafi has only one village where time seems to have stopped, lone sandy beaches and silent chapels overlooking the sea.

Hotels in Anafi

General information about Anafi

Anafi is very mountainous and most of it is uninhabited. The port of the island, called Agios Nikolaos, is on the south coast and just below the only village - Anafi Chora or just Chora, built on a hill 250 meters above the sea. Chora is an authentic place with houses in their original look - the architecture resembles very much of Thirasia and the old villages of Santorini, with single-space vaulted houses along with cubical ones.

Two decades ago there were no paved roads on the island but now there is a small network of roads going to Chora, to most of the beaches and to the Monastery of Zoodochos Pygi which is a popular sight. The north and west parts of Anafi are completely wild and the only buildings are churches.

Where to stay in Anafi?

View from the top of Chora

All hotels are located in the south part of Anafi, in and around Chora and the port. There are no big hotels, just small guesthouses and rooms to rent but you can find a few boutique hotels and villas with swimming pools as well.

Distances in Anafi look short but the roads are very steep and there is no coastal road to connect the beaches. It is best to have a car or scooter to explore the island and to reach more beaches.

Which are the best beaches of Anafi?

Roukounas beach

The best beaches of Anafi are on the south coast. Klissidi is the most popular and it is the closest to the port, with soft sand and shallow water around the shore. Rounkounas and Flamourou are other nice sandy beaches which can be relatively easy reached by car.

There are no beach bars in Anafi and no amenities are available at the beaches. Seasonal tavernas operate above Klissidi and Roukounas but they do not provide sunbeds or parasols. More secluded beaches are Agii Anargiri, Monastiri and Mega Potamou, and the beaches on the east coast are even more isolated - sometimes you may happen to be the only visitors.

What to do in Anafi?

The list of sights and things to in Anafi is not very long, the island is an ideal destination for hiking and spending the whole day at the beach. While in Anafi, do not miss the following places:

- Anafi Chora and the view from its Kastro
- The monastery of Zoodochos Pygi at the border with Kalamos rock, an imposing peninsula with steep slopes
- The monastery of Panagia Kalamiotissa which literally hangs on a platform on the top of Kalamos
- Kastelli, the ruins of the old capital of Anafi

How to get to Anafi?

Monastery of Zoodochos Pygi

Anafi has no airport, the closest is in Santorini. The island can be reached only by sea.

If you are going to Anafi, keep in mind that ferry connection is not daily. A few times per week there is a ferry for cars and passengers from the port of Piraeus which stops at Anafi. There are also ferry connections with some of the Cyclades and Dodecanese islands but you may not be able to leave the island any day you want.

In the summer a seasonal boat connects Anafi with Santorini.

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