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Being the most remote island of the group, Karpathos is still unknown to mass tourists, both local and foreign. Thus it has preserved a lot of its authentic spirit, local celebrations and traditional costumes which are worn even by young women.

Karpathos lies between Rhodes and Crete, with a long and narrow shape. It takes a long time to reach it via ferry but it also has an airport serving domestic and charter flights. Large part of the island is occupied by a high mountain range, especially the north one which is scarcely populated. There are 10 villages on the island, mainly in the south and central part. The main sea port in Pigadia, the capital, (also called Karpathos) is in the south, and in the north there is one more smaller port in the village of Diafani. The most scenic settlement of the island is Olympos in the north. It is an old village perched on the slopes of a high rock, to an altitude of 250 meters and overlooking the sea and the island of Kasos. Olympos has traditional architecture mixing the styles of the South Aegean islands and Crete, with old windmills on the top (climbing on the village streets may be tiresome). Menetes and Mesochori are other authentic villages located in the inner part of the island, recommended for a walk.

Plenty of accommodation is available in Pigadia and a few other resorts - Lakki to the east and Arkassa, Finiki and Lefkos to the west. There are both small family guest houses and luxury 4 and 5 star hotels, as well as restaurants, bakeries, mini markets and all the necessary facilities for your holiday. The beaches of these resorts are organized with sunbeds and umbrellas in the summer.

As it comes to beaches, Karpathos has a lot to offer. The most beautiful and photographed beaches on the island are Apella and Kira Panagia, both with small pebbles, located in nearby picturesque coves with transparent blue water. If you prefer fine sand beaches, then the beaches of Lefkos, Arkassa and Amoopi are right for you, as well as many secluded coves on the south and west coast. Beaches to the north are set on the east coast and they are more secluded, pebbly and not organized.

The islet of Saria, which used to be part of Karpathos in the past, is a nice place for a boat trip. It has magnificent coves with crystal water, suitable for swimming and snorkeling, and on the islet ruins of the ancient kingdom of Nisyros were found. Diving fans will be happy to find very interesting underwater spots around Karpathos.

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