green hills and pebbly beaches

Aerial view of Gidaki beach


Ithaca (also Ithaka and Ithaki) is a small island between Kefalonia and mainland Greece. It is known from mythology as the home place of Odysseus and the place where his wife Penelope waited for him for 20 years.

Ithaca is connected via ferries to the ports of Kyllini and Astakos, as also to Kefalonia and Lefkada, but compared to the other islands of the Ionian group it is the least visited. The landscape is rather hilly, with greenery which goes down to the sea and reaches pebbly beaches with crystal water. The lack of sandy beaches is one of the reasons for this island to be a bit "neglected" by tourists but it makes it a perfect place for people seeking isolation and tranquility. Ithaca`s north and south part are connected by a narrow strip of land (less than 500 meters wide) which almost divides the island into two. The island`s capital, Vathy, is in the south but due to its location in a deep and very indented gulf, ferries do not stop there. The main port is Aetos (or Piso Aetos) in the south, and the smaller Frikes in the north.

Filiatro near Vathy is the only beach on Ithaca which has some facilities like sunbeds and parasols. All the rest beaches are not organized and most of them are set in small isolated coves with vivid green or blue water. Kioni, the second largest village, is considered the most picturesque settlement on the island, with some great restaurants around the harbor. Interesting sights are the Nymphs Cave and the Cave of Loizos.


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