green island in the Saronic gulf

Roof-top houses at sunset and calm sea


Poros (not to be confused with Paros) is a small island in the Saronic gulf, very close to the Argolis peninsula on Peloponnese. The distance from mainland is so short that the ferry travels less than 15 minutes and you can easily see the main town of the island from the village of Galatas. The easy access, the beautiful harbor, the green landscape and sandy beaches make Poros an attractive destination for the summer, and in weekends and bank holidays it gets crowded.

Poros can be reached by ferry from Piraeus for approximately one hour. The shortest sea journey is from Galatas where small car ferries and boats arrive and depart every 15 minutes. Connections are available also with the other Argosaronic islands and to Porto Heli and Ermioni on Argolis.

The island actually consists of two islands - the tiny volcanic Spheria and the bigger and the pine-grown Kalavria. Both are divided by a sea canal which is only a few meters wide, and connected via a small bridge. Spheria is entirely occupied by the town of Poros, with a long sea promenade, a marine and terrace-like houses dominated by the old clock tower. Being surrounded by water everywhere, the town feels like a small island itself. The longest beach on Poros is Askeli and it has developed as a small resort just outside the town. Other beaches close to the town are Kanali, Neorio, Monastiri, Love Bay and the so called Russian Bay which used to be a Russian Naval base in 19 century. The north part of the island is wild, mountainous and not populated but in this area you can visit the ruins of Poseidon Temple and the lovely beach of Vagionia (organized with sunbeds and parasols in the summer).

Just one km off Poros shore lies the islet of Bourtzi which is a historical sight. It bears the same name as the Bourtzi castle in the gulf of Nafplio, but only ruins of its walls are left today. For those who want to visit it, there are organized boat trips departing from Poros Town.

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