Papingo (also Papigo and Papigko) is the most popular destination of Zagorochoria, about 1 hour drive from Ioannina. Actually, it is a common name used to denote two neighbor villages - Megalo Papingo and Mikro Papingo, as both are located 2 km away from each other. The last section of the road to Papingo is very dramatic and often photographed - a series of 15 U-turns.

Megalo Papingo offers the largest choice of hotels and guest houses in the whole area. It attracts visitors not only for its traditional look and architecture, but also for the proximity to some of the top points of interest - the viewpoint to Vikos, the starting points for Voidomatis river rafting and Voidomatis hiking trail, the rock pools and Drakolimni. The inner streets of the village are accessible only for pedestrians so people can enjoy the authentic atmosphere during a walk.

Mikro Papingo is smaller and quieter but it also has enough places to to stay at.


PapingoAgio Vlasios churchTraditional housesCobbled alley

highlights: the most popular destination of Zagorochoria, village in Ioannina Region, Epirus, Greece

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