Adamas Boat Trips

Adamas Boat Trips

Most boat trips on Milos are organized from Adamas port but there are some offered in Pollonia and Kipos beach.
The trips are usually with medium sized yachts, which pack up to a dozen passengers and have crew of two. There are also some bigger boats which transport more people. The owners of the boats are flexible and also offer private trips but usually at a much higher rate compared to the group sails.

Boat trips from Adamas usually begin in the morning and end in the late afternoon. The most popular route includes:
- Leaving from Adamas port between 9 and 10 in the morning.
- Sailing near the coast and passing near Klima, the tombs carved into the rocks, Areti, Fourkovouni and admiring the views of Plaka Milou.
- Just after The Rabbit and The Wolf rocks the boat turns to the opposite side of the island towards Cape Vani with The Bacon Rocks and the old loading piers.
- The course follows the island coast and goes toward Sykia Cave which has its roof collapsed. The cave entrance allows only small motorboat to get in and all the yachts draw such boats with them during the trip.
- At this point it is around midday and a stop is made at Kleftiko for lunch and relaxation. The time is perfect for swimming, relaxing and exploring the blue caves. The blue caves of Kleftiko can be seen with the same motor boat used for entering the Sykia Cave.
- In the afternoon the yachts go back and if there is time some of them stop at Agios Dimitrios beach for one last swim and snack.

The above schedule and points of interest are dependent on the weather and the wind. If the weather is bad or the wind is strong, boats will not sail or may skip some locations.
Boat reservations are usually done in the evening before the trip. People walk around the harbor, explore the boats, talk to the crew or check with the agencies on the promenade.

highlights: organized daily trips with yachts around the island and Kleftiko, boats & trips in Adamas, Milos, Greece

Photos from Adamas Boat Trips
Yachts lined at the harborThe promenade and agencies offering boat trips and ferry ticketsPeople boarding and crews checking their craftsYachts and ships lined at the harbor and ready for sailView from the nose of a yacht for boat toursLeaving the harbor with some boats still moored and waitingAdamas Boat TripsKlima as seen from the seaAgios Nikolaos church, at the base of Profitis Ilias, as seen from the seaAreti village as seen from the seaThe Rabit and The Wolf rock formationsThe RabbitThe WolfThe rocky beach at Cape VaniNearing the old loading towerThe old loading towerThe strange colors of Cape VaniThe Bacon rocksThe Bacon rocks and the tower at the backThe rocky seashore outside with black being magma from Santorini`s eruptionAdamas Boat TripsAdamas Boat TripsThe rock of MilosA one of the many small blue cavesSmall bay with boats in itYet anoher interesting rock formationsMore boatsHoles in the rocks through which a small boat can sailPeople swimming on the other side of the rockAdamas Boat TripsThe giant wallsThe rock of Kleftiko from a different angleAnother yacht at KleftikoBlack volcanic lava on white rocks coastlineTwo yachts tide togetherThe famouse nose rock formationThe alien hand rock formationA boat reaching Agios Dimitrios bayAgios Dimitrios church at the homonomous bay
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