Cape Vani

Cape Vani

Cape Vani is the northernmost place on the west part of Milos. It is famous for the abandoned manganese mine the ruins of which can be seen there. It is accessible by a dirt road but the best way to visit it is by boat. All organized boat trips which make tours from Adamas to Kleftiko include Vani as part of their route but they do not stop there. The mine is not visible from the sea and if you want to visit it you have to take a private boat tour.

The cape has peculiar rocks known by the locals as "the bacon" because of the resemblance in colors. There is also a small beach with large stones, though not very suitable for sunbathing and swimming.

highlights: abandoned manganese mine, historic sight in Milos, Cyclades Islands, Greece

Photos from Cape Vani
Cape VaniThe bacon rockThe mine loading pier remainsThe bacon rock really resembles baconThe bacon rocksYacht passing by the manganese mine port ruinsThe rocky beach at Cape VaniNearing the old loading towerThe old loading towerThe strange colors of Cape VaniThe Bacon rocksThe Bacon rocks and the tower at the back
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